Exterior Detailing Services

Basic Maintenance & Protection

Hand Wash and High Grade Paint Sealant Application

Cleans and helps to remove environmental contaminants imbedded in paint. High grade paint sealant protects painted surfaces for up to six months. Includes basic bug removal, wheel detailing , exterior window cleaning and tire dressing.

Standard Paint Correction

Compound & Polishing Service

Safely remove light clear-coat surface scratches, swirls and blemishes. Restore your paint’s original luster and shine. Basic service includes six month paint sealant application; a higher-grade ceramic coating is strongly recommended.

Advanced Paint Protection

High Grade Ceramic Coating Application

Protect your vehicle’s paint for years, not months. High grade ceramic coatings create a chemical and scratch resistant layer that also adds significant color gloss depth. This service is always in conjunction with paint correction and available in two, four and seven year coatings.

Advanced Paint Correction

Wet Sanding and Paint Touch Up

Certain imperfections can reach deep or beyond the clear coat layer. Wet sanding can help reduce the visibility of deeper scratches. In the event that a scratch has gone beyond the clear-coat layer, paint touch up can help to insert color into the affected area.

Advanced Trim Restoration

OEM/Factory Style Black Trim Restoration

Restore faded and oxidized trim to its original color depth. Our advanced restoration process not only brings back the deep black color; but is designed to last as long as a factory replacement part.

All Surface Coating Protection

Wheels/Rims, Glass and Trim Coatings

Protect your wheels/rims from the elements and make them easier to maintain with a super-hydrophobic layer that lasts for up to two years. Increase visibility on glass surfaces in wet weather while also making it easier to remove bugs, tar and sap. Add extra protection to any synthetic trim piece to protect from UV damage and environmental contaminates.