Dealership Services

New Vehicle All-Surface Protection

Enhance the buying experience by offering the most advanced automotive protection coatings available on the market. From 7-Year High Grade Ceramic Coatings to Advanced Fabric Protection that Protects and Sanitizes for up to 3-Years, we carry and install products that will have your customers loving their vehicle’s condition for the years to come.

Prep Your Used-Vehicle For Sale

At Auto Detailing Austin LLC, we consider ourselves experts when it comes to prepping vehicles for sale. Not only do we hold an active dealership license, we also prep 150+ used vehicles for sale each year. We know exactly what buyers are looking for, and not only build the appropriate detail package; but also provide free advice on how to get a maximum selling price.

Used Vehicle Purchase Detail

It is all too common that someone finds a good deal on a car; but the interior or exterior does not give you the feeling of buying a newer car. Our used vehicle purchase service solves this problem by addressing the key areas that make a vehicle look and feel many years newer.